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        Situated three miles west of the town of Coleraine, Springwell Manor Health Farm is the perfect place for you to have a comfortable and relaxing holiday.
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        Treat your senses to a unique experience

        We all need a break from the monotony of everyday life. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, a well-deserved holiday is a must in keeping you refreshed throughout the year. At Springwell Manor Health Farm, we go the extra mile to help you reinvigorate your body and relax your mind. Get an experience unlike any other and treat yourself to a real delight and visit our health spa. From local activities to beauty treatments, we have everything for you. Come, enjoy the beautiful North Coast with us!

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        The ultimate comfort zone icon

        The ultimate comfort zone

        Whether you want to treat yourself to a spa break or enjoy some family time, our retreat is the right choice. Our accommodation and stay facilities are excellent, which combined with our range of beauty services are sure to appeal to you.
        Our treatments
        Spend quality time with yourself icon

        Spend quality time with yourself

        Our health farm has a host of amenities that you can choose from. Whether you want to explore the picturesque scenery around the retreat, engage in some outdoor activities or book a luxury spa treatment, we have you covered. 
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        Why choose our spa resort

        Why choose our spa resort?

        • Personal touch and service
        • First class stay facilities
        • Friendly, professional team
        • Weekend and regular spa breaks
        • Wide range of spa and beauty treatments
        • Hairdressing specialists
        Jewellery for Wellness icon and Magnetix Wellness icon
        We are proud stockists of the Magnetix Wellness jewellery line. Contact us to find out more about our exquisite collection! 
        Looking for a spa resort in Coleraine? Call Springwell Manor Health Farm on 028 7035 3505
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